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Sinkhole Lawyer Serving the Clermont Area

Sinkhole Lawyer in Clermont Handling Property Damage Claims

If you have begun noticing cracks in your foundation, flooring, walls or steps on your Clermont property, the damage you see may be the result of sinkhole activity. At the law firm of Williams Law Association, P.A., we may be able to help you obtain compensation from your insurance company so you can have the damage repaired.

It is crucial to consult an attorney before agreeing to a settlement or signing anything for your insurance company. Call 877-SINK-LAW (746-5529) for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Unfortunately, despite charging premiums for sinkhole coverage, many insurance companies still refuse to pay claims. Claim denials often cite the property damage was caused by something other than sinkhole activity. In some cases, the company will acknowledge the sinkhole damage, but attempt to settle cheaply or recommend less than optimal repair methods.

An Experienced Clermont Sinkhole Lawyer

Our Tampa firm's dedicated lawyer, K.C. Williams, has been helping people like you with sinkhole issues and concerns since 1995. He has handled major sinkhole litigation, lectured extensively and taught other lawyers about Florida sinkhole law.

We can assist you throughout all phases of your sinkhole claim, including:

Get the Full Benefits of Your Insurance Coverage

For answers to your questions regarding your options for filing a sinkhole damage claim, call us today toll free at 877-SINK-LAW (746-5529) or submit an intake form online.

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